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    Physical Science Syllabus           

    Welcome to 6th Grade SCIENCE with Ms. DeBiasio (Ms. D)!
    In science this year we will be focusing on what is called physical science. Physical Science includes topics such as Motion, Forces, Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Waves, and an introduction to Chemistry. Depending on how much time we spend on different subjects we may or may not get through everything, but hopefully all students will at least get an introduction to the different topics. In addition we will study influential scientists and see how and why technology is important in our world.

    Classroom Learning Expectations:

    I am a firm believer in developing independent students that are confident in their abilities to ask questions, research information and use the information to solve problems and critically think about today’s issues. These skills are what will drive our learning of science this year. We will cover science content, but while we are covering content we will be practicing the following skills.

    ◆ Observing
    ◆ Inferring
    ◆ Questioning
    ◆ Critical Thinking
    ◆ Researching
    ◆ Problem Solving
    ◆ Predicting
    ◆ Modeling
    ◆ Hypothesizing
    ◆ Explaining

    To assess these skills and the content, students will be graded on the following:

    ◆ Class Participation
    ◆ Chapter Tests
    ◆ Group Labs
    ◆ Group projects
    ◆ Science Journal Content
    ◆ Lesson quizzes
    ◆ Individual projects
    ◆ Individual Labs

    Periodic Quizzes, Tests and Projects will occur throughout each Quarter. The Science Journal will provide students the opportunity to reflect on what they have been learning over the quarter and a way to assess students according to the District Science Standards.


    ◆ Science notebook (spiral) that will remain in class.
    ◆ Writing Utensils (pencils, highlighters, red pen)
    ◆ Textbook – Physical Science
    ◆ glue
    ◆ colored pencils
    ◆ personal pencil sharpener
    ◆ looseleaf notebook paper and 3x5 Note Cards

    If there are ever any questions please contact me. The best way to do that is in person! Or by email at debiasios@hsd3.org.