• "When I hear somebody sigh, "life is hard", I'm always tempted to ask, "compared to what?" ~ Sydney J. Harris


    There are a number of resources in the valley to assist our children's growth in the areas of academic, social and emotional. 

  • The Hamilton Lions Club offers Ravalli County residents assistance with hearing and/or vision concerns. 

    Their first priority is to provide assistance for children attending school, including preschool. ALL persons needing assistance will be considering. Applications may be made through the Ravalli County Public Health Nurse (375-6670) or through any member of the Hamilton Lions Club.
    The applicant is required to pay a co-pay of $25.00 for an examination and $25.00 for eyeglasses. Authorization from the Lions Club is required before any scheduled examination and purchase of glasses assistance may be authorized by Hamilton Lions Club up the following costs:
    $45.00 for each examination
    $110.00 for each pair of single vision glasses
    $20.00 additional for bifocals
    $40.00 additional for trifocals if medically necessary
    The maximum cost allowed per applicant will be $175.00. Each application will be assessed individually. Exam prescriptions performed for Lions Club are not transferable.
    Completed the attached "Lions Sight Assistance Request (Adult or Child) and consult with the Ravalli County Public Health Nursing staff. A nurse will submit the form to the Sight Conservation Committee for action. The applicant will be notified by the Hamilton Lions Club of the approval or disapproval of the application. If approved, the applicant should take the approved form to the eye care professional of choice in Ravalli County.