• A guide to the essentials of 8th grade English

    English notebook:  During this class you will be given a great deal of grammar notes, writing tips and vocabulary words. It is critical that you keep an organized binder containing all of your English work. You are required to carry a composition notebook for English class.  This notebook will collect all of your notes and homework for the year and must accompany you to class every day. You will most likely fill at least one notebook throughout the year, so I've asked that you purchase three.

    Homework:  Just as with any other skill, one can only get better at writing and reading through practice.  To practice the skills we learn in class, eighth grade students will have one half hour of English homework three nights a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).  

    Absent work policy:  Remember, you are still responsible to complete work you miss on days you are absent. The school handbook states that absent students have two days to complete work that was assigned on the day they were absent.  Because my days get hectic, I can’t promise that I will remember to give you your assignments when you return to school.  Never fear, you can find the notes and assignment in three places.  You can 1)check the class web site for all notes and assignments, 2)get a copy of the notes from the file folder in class, or 3) ask a friend.  There is no excuse for incomplete work, even when you miss school!!!

    Common Core Standards:  Education today prepares you for an intensely competitive work force, and I want you to have every tool available to help you be successful. Units and lessons in this class are designed to meet the “Common Core” educational standards. These are grade-level expectations in literature, informational text, writing, speaking, listening and language which ensure that you  are college and career ready in literacy by the end of high school. You can find a list of these standards and specific strands here.

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