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Engineering and Robotics

  • Welcome to Science and Engineering class!  We have a lot of fun projects to work on!  Engineering is a very creative process that requires persistence.  Sometimes you may be frustrated that something isn’t working and that is a good thing!  Engineering involves finding solutions to problems. This class will cover the topics below.  Depending on how quickly we work, we might be able to do more!

    Engineering design process Bridges Robotics Domes Egg Drop

    Materials needed:

    Engineering journal, pencil, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils or markers

    Please donate if possible:

    Masking tape pennies duct tape toothpicks Wood glue

    Behavior expectations:

    1. Enter class quietly

    2. Get journal and begin work on Launch unless otherwise instructed

    3. Follow all directions carefully and ask if you are unclear

    4. Clean-up quickly and thoroughly at the end of class

    How will You be graded?

    Your participation and work ethic make up a large part of your grade.  Your journal should be maintained in the proper order with a Table of Contents.  There will be contests for most structures that we will build.  You won’t be graded on whether or not you win but you will be graded on your effort and if you followed directions.   There are occasional tests and quizzes that will make up your grade as well.