Transformational Learning at HSD#3
  • Welcome to Transformational Learning at the Hamilton School District!


    What is Transformational Learning? 

    Transformational Learning seeks to support each student's unique pathway toward success with adaptability, creativity and consistency. It is much more than an "online platform" as it combines the academic excellence and rigor offered onsite in a format that can be tailored to each student's needs and strengths. Hamilton's Transformational Learning program will be offered to any enrolled student between K-12th grade. The school calendar will be used for all important dates such as start/end dates, holidays and testing windows.

    Depending on the grade, students will engage in their own Transformational Learning differently.

    • K-5th grade students will use Edmentum's Calvert Learning curriculum and teachers for their 4 core classes (English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) with 2-3 electives led by their teacher. These students will be supported by Daly staff for interventions and inclusion into the culture at Daly.
    • 6th-12th grade students will use Edgenuity again (in a more guided and intentional manner) and will either have onsite Teachers of Record or will be assigned an Edgenuity Teacher of Record for their courses. All Edgenuity Unit Tests and Exams will be proctored onsite at Washington School. Additionally, we have established accountability and productivity measures to ensure our Transformational Learners are keeping the same pace as onsite students while maintaining academic integrity.


    More details will be explained with a Transformational Learning orientation that can be scheduled with Matt Watts, 406.361.0538

     HSD#3's Transformational Learning students have full access to our districts sports, extracurricular activities and more. We encourage all HSD#3 students to be involved in our student bodies.