• Hamilton School District - Resolution of Intent to Impose an Increase in Levies


    As an essential part of its budgeting process, the Hamilton Board of Trustees is authorized by law to impose levies to support its budget. The Hamilton Board of Trustees estimates the following increases in revenues and mills for the funds noted below for the next school fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018, using certified taxable valuations from the current school fiscal year as provided to the district:



    Fund Supported

    Estimated Annual Change in Revenues*

    Estimated Annual Change in Mills*

    Estimated Annual Impact, Home of $100,000*

    Estimated Annual Impact, Home of $200,000*


    Adult Education


    ($3,838.00 decrease)


    (0.17 decrease)


    ($0.23 decrease)


    ($0.46 decrease)




    $97,523.00 increase


    4.18 increase


    $5.64 increase


    $11.28 increase


    Bus Depreciation


    $0.00 increase


    0.00 increase


    $0.00 increase


    $0.00 increase




    $1,239.00 increase


    0.06 increase


    $0.08 increase


    $.16 increase


    Building Reserve


    ($1,600.00 decrease)


    (.07 decrease)


    ($.09 decrease)


    ($.18 decrease)




    $93,324.00 increase


    4.00 increase


    $5.40 increase


    $10.80 increase

    *Impacts above are based on current certified taxable valuations from the current school fiscal year.


    Regarding the increase in the building reserve levy referenced above, following is the school facility maintenance project anticipated to be completed at this time:

    1. Waste water Management System – Daly Elementary


    The amounts listed above are estimates based on current information.  Actual amounts budgeted may vary due to changes in required revenues and certified taxable valuation. The Hamilton School District will adopt its 2018-2019 final budget in August.  All concerned persons are invited to a public hearing on budgeting the property tax revenue at that time.  A decision on budgeting an increase or decrease in property tax revenue will be made after considering comments made at this hearing.  For further information, please contact:  Mr.  Tom Korst, Superintendent, 217 Daly Avenue, Hamilton, MT 59840 or 363-2280.