To whom it concerns,


    The HSD3 Daly Elementary CSCT Remodel Project bid as advertised with bids received and opened at 4:00PM on November 12th, 2020.  Unfortunately, all 3 bids were received substantially over the anticipated/available construction budget and so the project will not be awarded to any firm at this time.  ($285,000 was the low bid and the budget was “anticipated to be under $200,000” as stated in 1.1.E of document 00113-Advertisement for Bids.   If the project rebids, it is anticipated to have a simplified scope to fit within the available funds.  Thank you Crew General Contractors, Jackson Contractor Group, and Sirius Construction and to all their subcontractors for putting bids together.  Bid Bonds will be mailed back to each of the firms.




    Thomas J. Korst – Superintendent



    Invitation to Bid the Daly Project 

    Project Manual

    Daly CSCT Bid Document