• Welcome!

    Welcome to Transformational Learning at Hamilton School District! 

    If your student is interested in enrolling in HSD's Transformational Learning, please contact Matt Watts (406.361.0538, wattsm@hsd3.org) or speak with your student's school counselor. We have opted to offer individual meetings instead of one public meeting to accommodate individual needs and highlight the changes that are taking place for online learners this upcoming 2021-2022 school year.


    In the menu to the left, you are welcome to learn more about Transformational Learning and the opportunities for HSD#3 students interested in choosing an independent, creative approach to their educational path. Remember, that whether your student is online or onsite with Hamilton School District, there are 3 keys to prepare them for success. We ask that you spend time with your student walking through all that they are experiencing right now. We ask that you encourage your student when they get frustrated or confused with all of the changes in their life. And we ask that you hold them to high expectations and keep raising the bar with the expectation that they will meet it. Together we will make it an incredible year and we are glad that you are a part of the Hamilton School District community!

     Expectations Time Encouragement