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Ionic Lodge #38 Raffle Winners!

A BIG thank you to the members of the Ionic Lodge #38 in Hamilton for donating some GREAT prizes to our school.

CONGRATS to all the winners! 

3 gift cards were awarded to students who have read the most or improved the most.

Those $40 gift cards to Chapter One were awarded to Forrest Fox (4th grade), Parker Webb (Kindergarten) and Klayton Makai Lee (first grade).

5 Kindles were also donated.

Those went to:

  • Kindergarten - Ziggy Barrett in Ms. Skauge's
  • 1st - Travis Depee in Mrs. Johnson,s
  • 2nd - Ava Chase in Mrs. Zora's
  • 3rd: Logan Jeppesen in Ms. Melton's
  • 4th - Tyson Garner in Mrs. Dandy's
AND 5 bikes were donated.
Those went to:
  • Phoenix Stout - Mrs. Gooddell
  • Eli Hamilton - Mrs. Hunt
  • Harper Jones - Mrs. Dufresne
  • Armando Ayala - Mrs. Dandy
  • Rylie Jo Andrews - Mrs. Krasovich