COVID-19 Screening Instructions

COVID-19 Screening Instructions for Symptomatic Individuals

Instructions provided by Ravalli Public Health Deprtment

Individuals with symptoms can take a rapid antigen home test. 

  • If the rapid test is “Positive”.  The individual is classified as COVID positive and isolated for 10 days.  They are safe to be around others 10 days after symptoms began, provided symptoms have improved, no new symptoms and no fever for 24 hours.
  • If the result is “Negative”. 
    • A PCR swab is recommended to rule out COVID infection. 
    • Individuals can choose not to test.  However, they should stay home for 10 days until symptoms have improved with no new symptoms and no fever for 24 hours.

PCR testing can be obtained at the following locations:

  • Marcus Daly Convenient Care or Viral Services
  • Bitterroot Valley Urgent Care
  • Walgreens Hamilton
  • Or check with your provider

Symptomatic individuals with pending PCR should remain quarantined until testing is resulted.

  • If Positive, Public Health recommends home isolation for 10 days. Isolation instructions can be found at Ravall.US.   
  • Please consider letting any of your close contacts know of the exposure. Direct them to the COVID-19 Exposure Recommendation found on the county website. Ravalli.US
  • If Negative, Public Health recommends staying home until symptoms improve.

Rapid home kits cannot clear individuals from quarantine nor clear individuals for travel. 

PCR test is required to clear close contacts without symptoms from Quarantine. 

Unvaccinated individuals are asked to quarantine away from others in an effort to interrupt transmission of illness should they (incubate) become infected with the virus. Vaccinated individuals are less likely to become infected but the risk is not zero.  Please mask 14 days. Stay home if symptoms develop.   

  • Incubation for COVID is 2-14 days
  • Shortened quarantine recommendations approved by the Health Officer can be found at: “COVID-19 Exposure/ Quarantine Recommendations”.

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