Contract Tracing for COVID-19

These Contact Tracing Guidelines are from Ravalli County Public Health

Schools are an important piece in our community and represent a significant portion of our population that are not eligible for vaccination. With cases increasing daily in our community, Public Health is adopting CDC guidelines for prioritizing case investigation and contact tracing.

High Priority tracing will focus on household contacts in high density settings with potential extensive transmission.

  • Identified household contacts that work in Health care / Congregate living facilities.
  •  Identified household contacts that work or attend daycare or k-12 settings.

Of note:

  • Schools may receive notification about positive students from parents before Public Health. It’s reasonable to exclude these students from school based on verbal notification from parents. Public Health will contact parents to begin the tracing as quickly as possible. Our second notification will be to schools. Please be patient with the process.
  • Anyone with symptoms and a positive rapid home test should be treated as a case.
  • Notification to parents can be a simple message such as: A positive case of COVID was reported and your child may have had significant exposure. Public health recommends you follow the exposure guidelines and quarantine at home. The school ask that at a minimum you monitor you child for symptoms and keep them home if they become sick. Vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine as they are less likely to become infected. However the risk is not zero and out of abundance of caution, Public Health recommends masking 14 days. Stay home if symptoms develop.


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